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RFM is a retro-future tactical roguelite with a demo this weekend

You'd better be moving quicker than these chill beats

This stylish retro-future strategy game has you diving into real-time tactical battles as an inter-dimensional mercenary. It's quite a looker, with a very chill, retro synth soundtrack to match. Don't let that get you too relaxed though, it looks like these battles may get a bit hectic as you dive deeper. RFM is looking to launch sometime next year, but you'll also be able to take it for a spin in the upcoming Steam Next Fest that kicks off this Friday.

"RFM is a roguelite tactics game where you can play, pause and plan," say developers Bromio." You are Morgan, dimension-diving merc, delving deeper and deeper into a dimension between worlds, at the behest of the factions looking to exploit this new reality."

You can catch some of the fast-paced combat down here in RFM's reveal trailer.

Watch on YouTube

The developers have recently put together a more instructive deep dive video going over some of your skills and how to effectively plan a battle.

RFM has shades of tower defense too. Each battle you'll have to defeat enemies while defending your Stabilizer. If you run out of health or your Stabilizer gets destroyed, it's lights out for Morgan. Based on the image up top there, it looks like you'll sometimes have more than one Stabilizer to worry about protecting.

You've got your own skills, Bromio explain, such as switching places with an enemy or dashing through them to cause damage. You'll also use enemies' abilities against them, like tricking bomb enemies into blowing up their mates on adjacent tiles, for instances.

RFM launches on Steam sometime in 2022. You can try it out this week though when it shows up with a demo you can play during the Steam Next Fest that begins this Friday, October 1st.

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