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Vroom Vroom: Ride Demo Now Revving

Hop on your bike

Milestone have been making zoom-zoom motorbike games for years now, but always working with someone else's license - the Motocross World Championship, Superbike World Championship, and MotoGP. Licenses bring profile but also pressures, and their games have come out pretty mediocre. What would happen if they get to make their own thing their own way?

You can see for yourself now, as they've released a demo for Ride [official site], their first original vroom-vroom racer. It has motorbikes and you can ride them real fast.

The demo's over on Steam if you click the "Download Demo" button, yeah? The full game will follow next Friday, March 27. What fun: a demo before a game's launch!

You'll get to race around the winding curves and pleasant wooded cuttings of the Sierra Nevada track in the 'Quick Race' mode atop a small selection of bikes (one superbike, one 'naked heavyweight' bike [missus! -ed.], and one supersport bike).

That Sierra Nevada track does look quite pretty, or at least its inspiration does. I recently went on a road trip through North California, though closer to the Pacific, and adored the awesome and terrifying valleys with high mountains, sharp drops, and so many beautiful trees. Heck, I might download the demo simply to revisit and refuel my dreams. Though I doubt it'll let me hop off to swim in Eel River.

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