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Riders of Icarus Beta Lets You Tame Dragons, Realize Your Wildest High-Fantasy Dreams

Wrangle dragons

Did you know that Riders of Icarus [official site] was getting an open beta test this week? Me neither. Apparently, it's your typical free-to-play Korean fantasy MMORPG, and it's now open to the public.

There is one enticing twist, though. Riders of Icarus lets you tame, ride, and fight mystical beasts, including dragons. Sold! What's that? Becoming the veritable mother of dragons doesn't quite do it for you? In that case, you might be pleased to know you can also drain the souls from the creatures' bodies and use them to strengthen your weapons and abilities. That's pretty sick in my opinion, but to each their own.

In celebration of the beta launch, Nexon has a bunch of events planned for the rest of the month. Those who log in before July 20 will receive a free Dragon Fire Shoulder Raven. The Dungeon Dominator Event challenges players to explore the game's deepest dungeons in search of nifty new gear. The Summer Attendance Event (they kind of phoned it in on that title, huh?) grants players daily rewards until July 26.

Riders of Icarus is available now on Steam, or you can get access via the game's site.

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