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Rimworld Alpha 4 Adds Wood, Dodges Obvious Jokes

Bit sad it's not a Red Dwarf game, really.

Pound the discovery alarm, it's yet another game I probably should have heard about already. Despite appearances, Rimworld is not a particularly complex Prison Architect mod, but in fact a low-fi space colony sim more along the lines of Maia. To further use comparisons, the characters and events that occur are governed by a Left 4 Dead style AI Director which takes into account your colony's wealth, health of your survivors and so on to create storylines. To that end, dev Tynan Sylvester dubs them "storytellers" and says the game's goal is just that - to create interesting experiences, rather than provide a win/loss state. In the latest update video, he outlines the most recent additions to his still-early KickSuccess.

Nothing I love more than a bit of giant centipede death robot action. There have already been numerous additional hotfixes, including a rather important one making sure the storytellers are eventually lethal. Apparently, all good stories end with your death, dear reader. The mod list mentioned in the video can be found here, if you're already salivating over the possibilities. There's also that systems video which clocks in at half an hour and the first couple of minutes of which I found about as intelligible as John Carmack's twitter feed, but it certainly sounded like extremely smart stuff.

Interested? Want more info? The game and a hefty list of details can be found on the main site.

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