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Ring Of Pain, that roguelite full of grotesque birdfolk, is out now


It is time, dear readers, to enter the Ring Of Pain. Simon Boxer's frightfully intense roguelike sets its trap today, hoping to ensnare you in a pit of terrifying owls, wretched monsters and some quite-good dungeon-delving strategy. There are great treasures and challenges to be found in the ring, after all - as long as you remember that the name isn't just for show.

Good grief, though. Nate wasn't kidding about the birds on this one.

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Ring Of Pain is a creepy roguelite styled in the vein of games like Slay The Spire or Monster Train. Placed in a sort of pseudo-first-person perspective, you trudge through the grim lair of this malevolent canary, looting new items to build up a loadout you can use to escape this wretched place. Spoons, swords, whatever works really.

Nate took an early gander at Ring Of Pain during this year's PAX X EGX online showcase and found an extremely solid, terribly creepy circle - made even better through the presence of massively disconcerting owl people.

"There’s a lot of these sorts of things around these days, many of them aiming for the same, unsettling aesthetic, so I’m glad to say Ring Of Pain stands out on that front, too. From Owl themselves, to the anxiety-inducing environs of its nest, and the roughly-painted grotesques that assault you in it, the mood is perfectly pitched. There’s something of Slay The Spire’s creepy whimsy to the narrative, and a fair slice of Darkest Dungeon’s pitch-black, festering unpleasantness in the art direction."

Assuming you're no afraid of grotesque birdfolk, Ring Of Pain is out now on Steam and GOG for £13.94/€17.99/$17.99. There's a free demo on the Steam page too, in case you need to test your nerves.

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