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Rise & Shine is running and gunning onto Steam today

A trip through gaming history

Adult Swim are releasing their run 'n' gun game Rise & Shine [official site] today via Steam. It features a boy and his talking gun shooting their way through gaming history when their colourful world is invaded by the forces of Next Gen in the form of zombies, marines and the like. The trailer, which you can see below, doesn't make the distinction between the old and the new seem strange enough for my liking, but the backdrops are gorgeous.

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I love how it looks but if I ever have to hear a gun say "'sup noobs" again, I'll demand that every single firearm comes equipped with a silencer as standard.

Though I used the term run 'n' gun at the top of the page, Adult Swim are modifying that phrase slightly:

"Rise & Shine is a true 'think and gun' that combines elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells, and puzzle platformers to create a new blend of strategy and viscera. Switch between Shine's add-ons to solve puzzles that redefine what bullets can do. Guide projectiles through intricate mazes, electrify damaged equipment to discover new pathways, and juggle 8-bit fruit because why not?"

I'm actually looking forward to seeing how it plays but for all its beauty, I wish the collision of styles was as weird as that seen in the dominant force on the today's internet. Mr Nintendo did a console reveal last night and that led to unexpected talk as to whether Mario is a human being. His presence in a city alongside actual full-size humans, more realistically rendered, provides a whole new angle on the Goofy-Pluto paradox, that's for sure. I'm into it and look forward to the too-real scenes of head-stomping and the bit where he emerges from a toilet, shrieking.

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