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Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide Trailer Intros New Powers

The tide is nigh

Here's the latest Civilization: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide [official site ] trailer talking about hybrid affinities, overthrowing dictatorships, and combining harmony and purity in a part faux-propaganda, part technical rundown of what the upcoming expansion has to offer.

Lest I bore you with meager words, watch this here video:

If you're more fond of the written word, however, the takeaway line from all of that is probably this:

"In Rising Tide, factions are now able to merge affinities to further specialise their units and structures, and provide access to additional traits and cultural benefits that ensure each game experience is unlike any other that came before it."

The video introduces us to The Chungsu, a stealthy bunch from the Korean Peninsula, who mark the fourth and final group the expansion will bring us, behind the previously announced Al Falah from the Middle East, the North Sea Alliance from the British Isles and Scandinavia, and the Integr from Germany. Speaking to the nuts and bolts of Beyond Earth, Rising Tide will allow players to manipulate new combinations of once-opposed affinities, tweaking the base game's 'Hybrid Affinities', allowing players to produce more new units and societal boosts.

The RPS general consensus of Beyond Earth almost a year ago was in essence 'wait for the expansion'. We'll have word as to whether now is the time to strike with a review next week.

Civilisation: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide is set for release on October 9 on Steam for £24.99.

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