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Risk Of Rain 2 explodes into early access with a two-for-one deal

A sudden shower of laser death

The original Risk Of Rain was a game about big numbers - a platform roguelike with a thing for screen-filling, damage-number-generating projectile spam. Three-dimensional sequel Risk Of Rain 2 has just launched into early access, and is already doubling down on the multipliers, as players who pick it up by midnight PST on March 30th will get a second copy to share with a friend. While it expands into larger polygonal spaces, the sequel looks to be just as messy, but developers Hopoo reckon online co-op for up to four is easier to set up now, connecting directly through Steam.

Watching a little of the game being streamed, I am surprised at how much it looks like the 2D original; small player characters in a very large world filled with often-enormous monsters. Movement and combat are a little more complex as it's a a third-person shooter now, but not all classes need pinpoint aim, with the bow-wielding huntress firing homing arrows with a generous lock-on cone. The similarities to the first game run as deep as the top bar of your screen becoming a cluttered pile of weird and wonderful loot bestowing buffs and new abilities on you, many items also visible on your character model.

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While Steam reviews are seldom a great indicator of anything, sudden and unanimous praise does suggest good things. At the time of writing, 100% of the early adopters are happy with the game. Those jumping in now get six playable characters, six boss types and 75 item types to hoard and stack. Hopoo plan on spending around a year in early access, expanding the game in all directions. They're aiming for ten characters, ten environments, twelve bosses and over 100 items by launch. Right now there's no ending or final boss either, just constantly escalating numbers in an endless loop.

Risk of Rain 2 is out now in early access. You can snag it on Steam for £15/€18/$20. Those that pick it up before March 30th, 12pm PST get a second copy to gift to a friend. It's published by Gearbox.

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