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Road Rage Turns Into Car Wars In Autoduel

I spent ten minutes walking around my flat in an attempt to make the word "carburetor" into a car-game pun. I failed. "Car-be-better" was so blindlingly ugly that I couldn't face seeing it in big, bold letters on the front page of RPS, and "Car-berate-r" was just too surreal to go with. Still, I got a few opening sentences out of the struggle, and my fight with the English language mimics the struggle a mechanic would have when fixing a car in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sound the segue klaxon and dive with me into some words about Pixelbionic's newly announced end-of-the-world car-combat game, Autoduel. WaaaaaaaAAAAaaaaaa...

It's currently a game that's more famous for those that are working on it, with Pixelbionic grabbing Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe as the game's Creative Advisor. What will he be advising on, you ask?

[Seque Klaxon reprise]

In a post-apocalyptic future, warriors drive to survive in their tricked-out, heavily armed vehicles scavenged from the blistered landscape, armed with a deadly array of lethal weaponry. Autoduel features team-based combat in a variety of open arenas from abandoned cities to dried-up riverbeds. Players choose from over twenty unique cars which are divided into three warring factions - the Ratters, the Scavengers and the Techies. The cars can all receive a wide variety of upgrades, from mechanical modifications to the drivetrain and suspension, to a broad array of powerful weapons and protective armor which can be bolted onto the vehicles. Additionally, players can extensively customize the paintwork and add decals in order to show their allegiance and express their unique style.

It's actually been a while since a silly car combat game was attempted. There's no mention of an MMO-part, just multiplayer, but I'd be surprised if this was made without that sort of permanence planned. I would quite like a game about driving across awesome landscapes with friends. Something like Fuel, but moreso.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this?

Cover image for YouTube video

Now that's a game, back when turning meant selecting one of six angles, and music had individual notes respectfully waiting for each other to finish before making their requisite noise.

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