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Robots And Traffic Cones In New Puzzler Redirection

'Bots 'n cones

Redirection [official site] is a newly-released 3D puzzle game built around guiding a robot crew that's been stranded in space. You wouldn't have to tell me that's the point of the game to get me to help them, though, because it's all in their eyes. They look genuinely terrified and/or helpless. I can tell this just from their blank expressions. Yes, I know they're robots and that's kind of impossible and no, I don't care. You want to make sure the poor little robots get back to safety, right? Do you want to leave them there so they can rust into oblivion? Didn't think so.

Cover image for YouTube video

Across 48 levels you're supposed to investigate what happened to the robots' ship, the Redirection (yes, that's part of where the game gets its name). From what I can ascertain from the trailer and screenshots there are certain parts of each level you won't be able to touch, possibly maddening areas where you've got to work in tandem with other robots, and even a cute little nod to Space Invaders. I hope the entire game is playable, because that would be awesome.

It looks like there's a level editor as well, which I'm all about, because from an early age when I figured out I could create my own Lemmings levels and sent all of them to their death at once. Doesn't look like you can do that here, but I'm a bleeding heart when it comes to making inanimate objects happy, i.e. desperately trying to mend a broken keyboard because I think it has feelings. These robots obviously do.

On a less pathetic note, I'm interested in trying the game also because of that super chill electronica, which sounds like it could be the backdrop for some really freaky sci-fi. Maybe there's some of that here.

Redirection is out now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, priced at £4.75.

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