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Program robots to run mazes in Robots: Create AI

It's your human duty to muff it up

When people ask me why everything I do online is so awful, I explain that I'm sabotaging the robots who are observing us for training data while they prepare to replace us. When they come for our jobs and then our lives, you'll be grateful that I've sabotaged their communications by teaching them to talk garbage and scuppered their murderplans by making them unable to shoot straight. It's my duty as a human being to buy new programming puzzler Robots: Create AI [Steam page] and sabotage the robots' attempts to learn how to navigate while avoiding enemies.

Robots: Create AI is a simple programming puzzler, a bit like a digital version of those turtle robots. A robot needs our help to reach the end of a level, which we do by programming directions. It might start off simple with straight directions through small levels, but spreads to include head-scratchers like winding levels and enemies along with trickier programming bits such as conditional statements and loops.

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Program 'em ups are not my genre but hey, this looks like it might be a pleasant little one. It hit Steam today for Windows and Mac, priced at £0.79/0,99€/$0.99.

If you'd prefer a chunkier challenge, do check out digital man Brendan's list of the best programming games. But remember: it is imperative that you play them badly, lest the robots learn how to improve their own programming. You'll thank me one day.

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