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Robots In The Skies: Project HON

Massive multiplayer mechs

Project HON is a game about mechs dropping out of the sky to have a block party. In the trailer below, you'll see one plucky fellow rollerblading along the seafront and two clumsy chaps taking part in a breakdance competition, which takes a turn for the worse when they accidentally clobber one another with their giant flailing feet and fists. Oops! The party doesn't stop though - everybot involved is happy to laugh it off and carry on with the festivities. One gargantuan guy takes a ride on his motorbike, which is contained within his pelvis, and the fun only stops when two lairy chumps who've had one too-many gallons of crude oil beat the ferrous faeces out of one another.

NCSoft are behind the game. It's a PC exclusive, for now, running on Unreal Engine 4 and due out sometime next year. More details should be available soon, as the game is appearing at the G-STAR event that starts today, and hopefully we'll find out something about payment models and the like. Piloting a mech that can pick up a cargo container and slap a tinier machine half-way across a city should be a blast but it won't be quite such an attractive proposition if every piece of kit costs a few quid.

The melee combat does look great though - cables launched into opponents so they can be reeled in and clubbed into smithereens, using a nearby bus as a weapon. I'd be surprised if any singleplayer mode was available, beyond some basic training, but the surprise would be a pleasant one.

Here is a pointless thirty second bit of fluff to go along with the footage above.


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