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Robots in the Wild combines Pipe Mania with Tetris

Pewpew bots assemble

Robots in the Wild [official site] is a cute puzzle game about building forts out of blocks on strange planets by dropping blocks into formation. It's kind of part Pipe Mania, part Tetris with some charming mouth-trumpety sound effects.

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What you're doing is building shapes from the pipes set in blocks which hover above your fort. An L shape with two end points becomes a gun, for example, while a figure of eight is a battery pack. You link these up to power weaponry and defeat the monsters which come out at night.

I'm playing a version of the game at the moment (it's in alpha) and I've just been experimenting with a level after the tutorial where a volcano sometimes spews lava into the air. To prevent the globs of lava from destroying your fort defences you also need to pile protective junk blocks overhead so they get taken out when the volcano explodes instead.

I think my big frustration at the moment is that there doesn't seem to be a way to speed up time and the day/night cycle seems really slow. That's useful when I'm working out how to build my structures, but I could really do with a fast-forward button when I'm done and waiting for dark, or when I have a working defence in place and I'm just waiting for night to end.

Anyhoodle, it'll be out on Steam Early Access from 15 February. The website has an early access price listing of $9.99 on the contact form.

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