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Rock 'Em Block 'Em Robots: FPS/RTS Dysis Entices

We've squirted out some brief scrawlings about Dysis using a bottle of katchup before, but it's now free from Kickstarter's gladiatorial arena of attention-grabbing and well on its way to completion. You might also notice that it's voxel-based, but inevitable Minecraft comparisons don't really apply here. Instead, Dysis is an RTS/FPS mash-up by robots and for robots. Wait, that seems off. Oh, right: it's about robots and made by a guy who builds robots in real life. There we go. Take a new glimpse at the block-obliterating carnage after the break.

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And, if that whet your appetite for both blocks and knowledge, here's another one that delves more into the basics of building and controlling units.

Watch on YouTube

The driving goal of your building and bashing is to escape the planet of Dysis, so the game's also about exploration and research. Meanwhile, you can leap into FPS mode with any robot under your command at  any time, so method of control is a matter of personal preference. Further, it'll launch with a robot editor, so you'll be able to dream up nightmarish metal wrecking machines of your very own. This bit's also quite interesting, though for now, it's only a "future goal":

"The Dysis engine is voxel based, so it can be used for dynamic manipulation in the game, but can also accept input from external sources - that is, the world can be scanned in from real life. Eventually, I plan on allowing robots to scan in their environments so that they can use the mechanics and simulated physics of Dysis to interact with the real world."

Ambitious, huh? For now, though, it looks like a solid effort with some very interesting mechanical roots in real life, so I look forward to seeing where it ends up. The current plan is to launch a prototype in December and a beta in March 2013, so game-playingness - as it's known in the scientific community - will commence soon.

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