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Rock, Paper, Shotgun Invades Steam

Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Earth's leading PC gaming site, is now appearing inside Steam. After having to go into our engine rooms and hit absolutely every single thing with a rusty spanner, we now have managed to bash and bend the thing so that it fits neatly into Steam's news feeds. You'll see our every update from within the Steam Beta (which appears to be working again now after a bit of a blip in the last 24 hours) if you head to the NEWS tab, and then find us in the column on the right. Or this link shows you the same on their site. And if we ever remember to capitalise our tags correctly, you should also see Steam game related news from our site appearing in Valve's main news feed, and attached to the games themselves.

This would have been absolutely impossible without the help and genius of Jonathan Sutcliffe, who is our new all-time hero. We also owe special thanks to Phillip Wells for earlier support, and a giant thank you to Valve's own John McCaskey for extraordinary patience in the face of our technical stupidity.

You can be assured that this does not change anything in regards to our content. If Valve starts killing baby seals, there will be the special thrill of seeing "VALVE MURDER BABY SEALS, NEWELL SEEN COVERED IN THEIR INNOCENT BLOOD" inside Steam's own walls. It's purely an RSS feed of our site in there - you'll see us alongside Kotaku in that list.

You'll still need to click through to our own magical site to read full stories, as is only good and proper. That's how we make money so you can enjoy our lovely work. Other ways you can support us should you want to, by the way, include subscribing. Subscribers get awesome secret competitions, special offers, access to betas before we offer them on the main site, and a behind-the-scenes newsletter whenever I remember to write one. It's the best cool gang.

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