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Rogue Islands video: Playing an early island

So many skeletons

I popped into Rogue Islands [official site] to take a look around the fantasy action-FPS thinking "this isn't my thing at all but the monsters look really cute". It's nearly four hours later and I had forgotten I had started this news story at all, so that felt like a nice surprise! I've made a video of the super early stage so you can get a feel for the game, but it's a Minecrafty-looking world with a sort of roguelikelike mage gnome adventure sitting on top.

Here's the start of one of my playthroughs!

Watch on YouTube

In case you can't watch a video right now here's a snippet from the official site's description so you can get a feel for the premise:

"There are 7 unique island types, brimming with forests, mountains, caves, ruins, creatures and bosses.

"Each biome offers unique challenges and opportunities. The Florid Vale tempts you with ample Mana Charge, but it’s a dangerous place early in the game while you’re weak and vulnerable. The Golden Forest contains the legendary Charred Switch wand, but it’s infested with Hell Bats.

"Learn how to exploit each biome and pick your battles."

The permadeath can be offset a bit by crafting things called nightmares which function as an extra respawn and can make the game a bit more forgiving if you're not playing on the hardest setting. I haven't worked out how to craft them yet (don't tell me! I want to figure it out for myself!) but I decided to play on the easiest setting to enjoy myself and just punctuate my exploration with some mild challenges!

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