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Roguelike shooter Voidigo launches in early access this month

Send these bosses running from their own fights.

Roguelike shooter Voidigo has set its sights on an early access release this month. If you're one for run-based shmups, well take a look at this brightly-colored option. Voidigo developers Semiwork say they're focused on interesting boss fights but that pink and plumed protagonist it what's caught my eye. You'll be able to ready up for a few runs when it launches in early access on February 25th.

You can spot all that rootin' tootin' roguelike shootin' in Voidigo's trailer down below. It's certainly got shades of Nuclear Throne or maybe Enter The Gungeon in it. Sure enough, it has different types of weapons and powerups and dodging through huge sprays of bullets.

Cover image for YouTube videoVoidigo Announcement Trailer

Voidigo's real focus is apparently on the boss fights though, which they describes in a way that gives me flashbacks to Monster Hunter World as much as anything else.

"Your prey won’t go down without a fight," Semiwork say. "Monsters will retreat from you to other areas of the map to recuperate, giving you a chance to scourge for supplies before continuing the hunt. However, wait too long, and you might find yourself being pursued."

Rather than getting locked in to a boss room full of bullets and lasers and all, it sounds like defeating the biggest baddies will be more of a marathon instead.

Voidigo's developers say they want to leave early access before 2021 is over but are planning to "support the development post-release". Throughout early access they'll be adding more worlds, weapons, bosses, powerups, and a complete story.

If you're wanting an even longer look, Semiwork share quite a lot of clips of Voidwork development on Twitter and in video developer logs.

You'll be able to grab Voidigo over on Steam for $18 when it launches in early access on February 25th.

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