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Roll For Cats: Furballs

The Global Game Jam has led to absolutely many videogames being made in literally little time by totally complete strangers. Which to link to? Well, Karl Harris, one of the two (count 'em!) composers in the team of Furballs has worked out one way. That is, mail us and claim to be an avid RPS reader. Is he an avid RPS reader? Who can tell, and certainly not us, because fact checking isn't for punk-rock bloggers like us. Furballs involves cats, the favoured animal of 3/4 of RPS, which is also another big ol' tick in its favour. You can get it from here (You'll need all the XNA and Net3.5 and similar stuff too). And since it's a two-players with one-controller game, I asked my delightful girlfriend to play it with me and then interviewed her. Which follows beneath the cut. Look, ma, we were lying about not doing any journalism.

RPS: So, what did you make of Furballs?

Delightful Girlfriend: There weren't enough dogs in it.

RPS: So you don't like cats? Jim likes cats. Alec like cats. John likes cats. Do you not like cats?

Delightful Girlfriend: I was going to say the only good thing about it is... I can't say that, because I don't believe violence against cats is good, really. Or violence against animals.

RPS: But you did like it when the cats got all dizzy.

Delightful Girlfriend: Yes.

RPS: Okay. Have you got anything else to say about the game? How did you think it played?

Delightful Girlfriend: They were like real cats - totally unweildy and very unhelpful.

RPS: It was made in less that two days. Does that change how you feel about the game?

Delightful Girlfriend: Not enough dogs.

RPS: It's a two player game on a single joypad. That's quite cute. In fact, it's quite intimate. Do you feel more intimate with me now?

Delightful Girlfriend: Don't touch me.

RPS: Thanks for your time.

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