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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIV continues the epic in 2020

So romantic! ?

If Total War: Three Kingdoms has made you fall in love with the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, you might fancy a gander at Koei Tecmo's decades-old take on turning the historical epic into a strategy game. They've now announced Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIV, once again battling armies to decide who rules China. I can't tell you how easy it'll be to get into, mind. Koei Tecmo describe this sequel largely with references to parts its borrows from earlier games in the series, and the announcement trailer is mostly showing all thirteen previous games. Weird.

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It's good that they showed all prior games or I might have missed what the 'XIV' stood for.

Koei Tecmo's announced explained some of the historical influences on their historical strategy:

"The game's map showcases the territory captured and the thrill of expansion using a simplified colour system – paying homage to the original Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, released on PC back in 1985. Everything from war to diplomatic affairs will be geared toward managing and gathering land as players attempt to spread their strategies at will across the vast China map.

"In addition, RTK14 will adopt the ruler-based system from RTK9 and RTK11 in order to help return classic gameplay to the series. This means that all actions – from domestic, to political, to battle – will now take place on a single map."

Can any long-term fans give the gist for the rest of us?

Romance Of The Three Kingdoms XIV is coming westward via Steam in "early 2020." For now, you can stare at the game's site too.

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