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RPS are going to PAX East 2022

And RPS premium supporters will get exclusive videos direct from the show floor

After a couple of years away, PAX East returns to Boston this week, and a couple of us from RPS are going to be there making exclusive videos for RPS premium supporters. Myself and vid bud Liam will be jetting out in time for when doors open on Thursday April 21st, covering the entire event until it shuts up shop on Sunday April 24th. We'll be sharing our thoughts on all the latest games, interviewing developers, and going behind the scenes on all the big panels, so if you fancy joining us on our PAX adventures, you can sign up to the RPS supporter program today for just £6 / $8 month.

Proper in-person day badges are still available from the PAX East website if you're in and around Boston this week (only Saturday is sold out at time of writing), but they will set you back $62. However, if you're not able to make it, or just aren't quite ready to come back to in-person events right now, we'll be there bringing you the best that PAX has to offer in digital form, all from the comfort of your own home.

Cover image for YouTube videoPAX East 2022 - Badges Available Now

As mentioned above, most of what we'll be doing at PAX will be some kind of video. Some of the things we've got planned include a tour of the show floor, daily round-up videos where we talk about the best demos we've played, as well as special guest interviews with developers, panelists, cosplayers, speedrunners and maybe the odd musician or two. There will be some written posts in there as well, but the majority of it will be of the audio visual variety.

You'll be able to find these videos by following our RPS@PAX tag (and the RPS YouTube channel), or by keeping an eye on the RPS Supporter feed. There should also be a special RPS@PAX block appearing on the homepage on Thursday, too, so you can see everything that's going on in one place. We're aiming to get the majority of the videos out during PAX itself - which is April 21st-24th - but with so much to see and do out there, there will be plenty more stuff arriving next week as well (and maybe even the week after that).

By becoming an RPS premium supporter, it's not just a bunch of PAX videos you'll be getting either. You'll also receive all the other benefits of being a premium supporter, including an ad-free version of the site, even more exclusive, supporter-only articles each week, free game keys (while stocks last) and more. To get an idea of the types of articles we write for the supporter program, have a browse of our From The Archive tag, where we regularly make older RPS supporter posts available for all.

We hope you enjoy what we've got planned! If there's anything specific you'd like to see - whether that's a particular game, or one of the many, many panels going on - let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to cover it. In the meantime, though, here's that RPS@PAX link again so you can pop it in your bookmarks. See you Thursday!

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