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RPS@PAX 2022: McPixel 3 is back and just as daft as ever

"We don't talk about McPixel 2," says dev

The first McPixel was one of those point and click adventures that was just so wholesomely silly that it won you over with its mix of daft humour and bonkers, quickfire 'save the day' scenarios. Now, everyone's favourite bomb disposal expert is back in McPixel 3 (solo developer Sos Sosowski prefers we never mention the likes of McPixel 2), which we got to see in action over at the Devolver booth at PAX East 2022. Sosowski took the reins for us in this demo, showing us exactly how not to save the world in this equally comedic sequel, proving that the McPixel formula is still just as potent ten years on from the original.

Honestly, I would only do a disservice to the game if I tried writing out all the different solutions to McPixel's nutty adventures, so why not have a watch of our playthrough above and see for yourself? There's a Tom And Jerry cheese gag, a literal red herring at one point, plus a snowboarding yeti that chases you down a mountain. I mean, what more could you possibly want?

One thing I particularly liked was how each level was capped with a Hitman-style outcomes bar, showing you exactly how many endings there were left to unlock in each scene. It made the whole demo very moreish, particularly as the whole thing looped back round again for us to try something new. There were 7 levels in our demo (including a handful not currently available in the free Steam demo you can download at the moment), but Sosowski said there will eventually be 100 of them in the final game. That's a lot of chucking yourself out of train windows, peeing on important spaceship engines, and goodness knows what else - and I can't wait to play them in full when it comes out later this year.

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