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RPS Community Update: What You Did in ARK, Guild Wars 2, Hearthstone and Warframe

How To Get Involved

Hello, hello, hello!

It's time for the monthly recap of what the RPS community have been up to. June saw action in ARK: Survival Evolved [official site] (dinosaurs!), Guild Wars 2 [official site] (crowds!), Hearthstone [official site] (cards!) and Warframe [official site] (ninjas!). Oh, and a reminder about our Steam group too.

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK is an Early Access game which involves hunting, gathering, crafting and... dinosaurs. And giant scorpions. And... dragons? It's an immense, well-timed release given the popularity of Jurassic World right now. Quite a few RPS community members have taken to playing frequently, riding raptors and baiting sharks.

Since the forum thread was created at the start of the month, it's evolved into a small community. We're receiving regular updates from players (like the screenshots by Carpe_Dentum seen here) and now have an unofficial, 50-slot server - aptly named 'Rock Paper Spino'. Its limits haven't been tested yet, which is all the more reason to hop on with your friends and give it a shot.

Playing as a group seems pretty natural; I wouldn't like to try tame a sabertooth (or five) without help.

How to join: The related forum thread is over here - shout in there if you're playing and it should be easy to organise a time to play with others. Thanks to Nim.Was.Taken for posting the server details there, and here's a direct link.

Guild Wars 2

As mentioned last month, the RPS guild held an open PvE event for EU players called 'Tequila Mockingwurm'. The name is a terrible pun based around the evening's targets: Tequatl the undead dragon (lovingly called 'Tequila' by fans) and one head of a great jungle wurm. The army gathered in the Straits of Devastation...

...and marched north, taking on challenges, and transformations on the way...

Four hours later, we ended up fighting in the sand dunes of Dry Top, tackling the desert's denizens even with depleted numbers. By completing objectives around the zone, we managed to unlock the fifth tier - which is pretty good for a ragtag bunch of adventurers.

It was a tonne of fun and there's been loads of positive feedback about it, even outside of the normal RPS community:

You can read more over here, and check out more screenshots from the night here.

We hold these sorts of big events every couple of months or so. They're primarily targeted towards the general EU playerbase, as that's where the RPS guild are. If you're interested, I'd definitely recommend coming along; it's a fun way to pass the time while we wait for Heart of Thorns to be released.

How to join: If you're not in it already, check out the guild over on the forum. Both regular and one-off events are posted in the relevant thread too, so keep an eye on that for upcoming gatherings.


My, my - Hearthstone's a card game featuring characters from Warcraft. And it's ridiculously popular. Although I know a decent amount about the world's lore (Ner'zhul was the original Lich King... right?), the workings of Hearthstone are a little beyond me.

But! It's still loved by millions, including a fairly large percentage of our forum.

Screenshot by Lethe. I have no idea what's going on.

There's not actually too many one-on-one PvP strategy experiences out there, and none as popular as Hearthstone. That's why I guess there's no better time to jump in, especially as there's an RPS community is in place to support newbies.

How to join: Post your ID (the one with numbers at the end) in this thread, or feel free to add people who have already popped their names in there.


This free-to-play title was released just over two years ago. The RPS dojo started up around that time, and is still going strong today. Hundreds of Tenno have filled its ranks, grinding their way to skins and success.

From the Steam page. Cheeky!

Promises of parkour and almost-complete customisation await potential players. If Mass Effect 3 made you thirsty for some third-person shootiness, then there's no better time to check out this nicely polished experience.

How to join: The first post in this thread has pretty much all of the details; essentially go there, post your in-game name and await your invite.

Steam Group Reminder

Although the majority of our out-of-game organisation takes place in the Game Clubs subforum, it's worth remembering that RPS has a Steam group too. A group that's over 23,000 members strong. It's pretty active; the chat usually has more members in it than groups three times its size. Although the announcements have been fairly inactive over the past couple of years, that should change in the future as we look to do community-wide nights of awesomeness.

Even if you're not bothered for the announcements, it's still an ideal place to meet people, group up and play some games together.

How to join: Click 'Join Group' right over here.

Any Questions?

A lot of information about how to get involved in the community can be found here. For denizens of our clubs who haven't had their games featured yet - don't worry; there's still time in future instalments! Anyone is free to ask questions (or plug other games) in the comments below.

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