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RPS Compo: Valve Goodies

Want the above? Read on: There I was sat in Valve's largest meeting room (with space for about ten) desperately trying to get my Eee online. It turns out Valve's wifi is more passworded than they realised, and as a generous soul scrabbles to find out the WPA key for me, Gabe's already started speaking. I'm supposed to be live-blogging this! I'm frantically scribbling notes, while trying to figure out why my machine is now refusing to disconnect from its failed attempt at a previous connection, and then finally, after five minutes of panic, it's connected, and I'm updating. And what do I find?

"Bring us back t-shirts!" "I want a Weighted Companion Cube!" "We demand presents." Why, you ungrateful readers! My being there, working so furiously for you - that should be presents enough for all of you. But I know where your love really comes from, and that's why I emerged from Valve HQ carrying a long-sleeve Portal cake t-shirt under one arm, and some Weighted Companion Cube fuzzy dice under the other. For you. Well, for one of you at least.

Of course you have to earn the right to these most splendid of goodies. We're not communists or anything. So if you want a chance to get your paws on these, here's what we want:


The Valve logo. From the reaction to the alt text on the live blog, some of you love it. Well, I don't. It's a bloke with a tap on his head. So what I'm after here is a brand new design for the Valve logo. This isn't about artistic merit, or photoshop skill. It's about a brilliant idea. But, you know, a crayon drawing on a table cloth might not convey this as effectively as something with a bit of care. Believe me, I'll be submitting anything decent to Valve, and the one we like best will gather its owner the Valve goodie bag.

Entries need to be submitted to this address by the 20th June. Don't forget to include your postal address.

Compo rules are here.

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