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RPS Is A Thousand

No, we've not discovered that we've actually been PC gaming since 1008, but rather we heard that our official Steam Group now has a thousand brave souls amongst its members. Wowie! Yes, proper websites and magazines with budgets and funding and community editors and things may have tens of thousands, but we're jolly chuffed that so many people want to be associated with this little thing wot we built in our spare time.

If you're not a member already, join up here. We haven't gotten around to organising any community games yet - we will, eventually - but it's a fine opportunity to socialise with Good People. The RPS Steam chatroom is a remarkably pleasant place to visit, very much reflective of the general standard of commenter we have on the site, and there are always folk game for a bout of TF2 or whatever else it is you young people are currently playing. Thanks to all those who've joined, and super-double-thanks with delicious peach slices on top to our hard-working volunteer mods.

And also to Mythrilfan, for pointing out this wondrous occasion to our ignorant eyes. We must try harder.

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