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Ahoy! RPS are partnering with EGX Rezzed 2017

Come see us at the show!

Now that we've almost recovered from Horacemas, Team RPS are pointing the treehouse excitedly in the direction of EGX Rezzed 2017. The games expo is returning to London's Tobacco Dock 30 March – 1 April and we are partnering with Rezzed again to ensure PC gaming gets the hugs and attention it deserves. Read on for what this actually means as well as details of the RPS pub night!

Okay, so first up we have the RPS Zone. I don't know if we are OFFICIALLY calling it that yet, but life is generally more exciting when you think in terms of The Crystal Maze. The RPS Zone will have a hand-picked selection of the best PC games from the rest of Rezzed which visitors can play or, in the manner of The Crystal Maze, watch someone else play and shout helpful instructions so they don't get locked in.

We're setting the traps for our favoured game developers at the moment so expect a full listing of games soon.

Secondly, we're organising a number of developer sessions. These will be cosy onstage chats with interesting PC folk which Rezzed visitors can attend and maybe EVEN ask some questions of their own. We're looking to cover different facets of our hobby so keep an eye for speaker announcements that tickle your fancy.

Thirdly, RPS MIXER!

On the Friday night we will be heading over to the Captain Kidd pub (it's really close to the Tobacco Dock) for the official RPS Mixer. It'll be a chilled out affair where you can grab a drink and catch up with fellow readers and a handful of the RPS writers. That will be the same evening as the GamesIndustry.biz quiz so if you wanted to attend both it's the perfect arrangement. If you are allergic to quizzes, the upstairs bar should be a quiz-free area.

The RPS Zone and dev sessions are included as part of general Rezzed admission so take a peek at the official site for ticket details, dates and times.

Hopefully we'll see you there!

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