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Something For The Weekend: RPS Social Club

London, Saturday, 7PM

A card as elegant as ivory flutters across the ballroom, caressed by a hundred fingertips as it makes its way to the periphery of the room, where you stand, watching and waiting. For me, the crinkling of your brow speaks the query that your lips cannot. Even the gentle rustle of a bustle is capable of distracting the Duke from the strings that he so inexpertly scrapes. To escape from the dreariness of this corseted formality would be splendid. Perhaps the card that you now hold offers an alternative:

This Saturday from 7PM at The Blue Posts, London, will be host to a gathering of splendid people. Games of Gin Rummy, Whist and Cosmic Encounter may occur. Suggestions and enquiries should be directed t'ward The Forum.

How radiant!

It's that time again. The London Social Club is meeting on Saturday and it falls to me to wag my finger at the rest of the world for failing to convene in an organised fashion as dictated by the Will of Horace. If you have a gaming night or other gathering that you'd like to bring to the attention of RPS folk, let me know and I shall include details in next month's post. Or discuss in the forums, which are not solely reserved for the use of them there Londoners, despite what the thread title might say.

I am envious of everyone who can make the London meet-up because I haven't been to the pub for a week and a half, and would very much like to sup an ale in good company. Enjoy!

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