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RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron #2

I know I said we'd do these forum round-up posts weekly, but a) I'm lazy b) I'm really lazy and more importantly c) the forum isn't yet the runaway success we'd hoped for. Chatter more, damn you.

Nonetheless, there's a respectable chunk of interesting/silly talk going on. Here's a few that have caught the RPS all-seeing eye lately:

  • Objective, sober discussion aplenty over in the The Fallout 3 bitch-fest thread. The clue's in the name. I've been tempted to jump in and whine about F3's many mini-fails at the top of my lungs a few times, but I've elected to give it a couple of months then come back to the game calm and fresh.
  • With L4D imminent, our readers are organising themselves into gangs and groups ready to fend off - or strengthen - the zombie apocalypse. Find fellow survivors here.
  • It's not the winning, it's the taking part. Sometimes it's even the losing. Here's a rumination about how failure can be fun.
  • Pimp My Game: a wish-list of bells and whistles every game would benefit from.
  • Mirror’s Edge – the TV show? Sorta.
  • A debate for the ages: KOTOR 1 vs 2. I'd say the second was definitely the more ambitious game, but my heavens, the brokeness.
  • An old chestnut returns for a new roasting: what makes an RPG? Something to do with grenades, innit?
  • In a moment of extreme exasperation at seeing the same old arguments for the squillion-and-seventh time a little while back, I started the DRM/piracy rant amnesty thread, a safehouse for discussion about The Most Important Issue In PC Gaming. Go, rage against the dying of the light there, so that the front-page isn't forever dominated by it.
  • Don't forget about the RPS World of Warcraft and WAR guilds, by the way.

And, obviously, go start a whole bunch of new, even more interesting topics. Something about pangolin, perhaps.

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