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RPS@PAX 2023: We chat with the dev behind upcoming moody metroidvania Animal Well

Cute but deadly

Out of all the game demos Liam and I have played at PAX East, we both agree that Animal Well is something special. It's a 2D metriodvania where you play as a little blob trying to navigate a subtterranean labyrinth filled with creatures - some cute, some not so cute.

To find out more about this strange puzzle platformer's beginnings and development, we spoke to solo develeoper Billy Basso and Bigmode's Leah Gastrow which you can view in the two videos below.

You can watch me interview Billy here:

And here is Liam's chat with Leah:

We've got an impressions video out soon, but - to quickly summarise - we're keen to see more of what Animal Well has to offer. Our demo time was capped at 10 minutes but its dense atmosphere, eerie visuals, and haunting vibes has us spellbound.

It's day three of PAX East and we've been busy running around the show floor. If you'd like to see all the videos we've made so far, make sure to check out the RPS@PAX tag. We've got videos on supernatural RPG Demonschool, Resident Evil-like Alone In The Dark and the coolest stuff we've seen on the show floor.


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