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Intriguing pixel Metroidvania Animal Well has found a publisher

It's the first game picked up by new indie label Bigmode

Platforming adventure Animal Well has been picked up by Bigmode, the indie publishing company set up last year by YouTuber Videogamedunkey. The Metroidvania is being developed by Shared Memories, another name for solo dev Billy Basso. Basso is crafting a multi-layered puzzle horror platformer that he hopes will keep people playing the game for years, and collaborating to solve its mysteries. You can see a bit more of what to expect from Animal Well in the preview video below.

Animal Well was shown at Day Of The Devs 2022.Watch on YouTube

Animal Well was one of the standouts from last year’s Day Of The Devs stream, and it’s coming to Steam and PlayStation. The game’s combination of colourful, glowing lights and the darkness of the well definitely got our attention, as did the massive grinning cats, gigantic lizard heads, and other wildlife that seem to be stuck down there. You get to play as a little globule creature that hatches from a flower, rummaging around the Animal Well for upgrades and dealing with its creepy denizens.

Bigmode was set up by gaming YouTuber Videogamedunkey, real name Jason Gastrow, back in September. The freshly established publisher didn’t announce it was handling any games at the time, and attracted criticism from developers and industry commentators for not offering much more than airtime on Videogamedunkey’s channel. Gastrow said that he and his business partner and wife, Leah, were looking to sign up “the very best indie games out there”.

There’s no release window for Animal Well just yet, but you can keep an eye on it over on the game’s Steam page. We’ll let you know when a date emerges and, for now, you can read more about Animal Well here.

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