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RPS's video department is hiring: come work for us!

We'll hire everyone eventually

Are you a UK-based video presenter, a crackshot script writer, and able to edit your own videos? Then you might be exactly who we're looking for. The RPS video team have gone from strength to strength in the past year, and now we want to add a new member to the team. Interested? Read on.

You can read the full job posting and apply here, if you just want to get to it.

If you're not familiar with the RPS YouTube channel, then you've been missing out on the great work produced by Matthew and Alice L (and previously Noa). They offer insight on upcoming games, set fire to animals in regular Let's Plays, and highlight fabulous indie games. If you are familiar with their work, then know that this is just the start of our video plans: we want to do more critical analysis, more on-camera filming, more coverage from events around the world, and a lot more besides.

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That's where maybe you could help. We're looking for someone who loves PC games, and who is capable of writing both thoughtful criticism and peppy lists. We also want someone who is comfortable recording their own voiceovers, presenting to camera, and crowding on to our couch for Let's Plays. You'd also ideally be an Adobe Premiere wizard, but if your editing abilities are more basic than bountiful we can probably teach you what you need to know.

Sound good? The details for how to apply and the email to contact are at that above linked job advert. We'll need a CV and a link to your video portfolio, and ideally that should contain at least some scripted work. Let's Plays and improvisation are great, but we need evidence you can write. and as always, make sure to point us at your best work!

Also note: you can do this job while working from home, but this is a UK-based role and you'll need to travel regularly (weekly or more) to Bath and Brighton. Also if it's not obvious from the above, this is a full-time, paid position. If you've any other questions, drop them in the comments below.

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