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Runaway: A Twist Of Fate?

I'm pretty surprised that there's another Runaway game coming. The previous two, while extremely pretty, I found horrible. The point and click adventures were remarkably charmless, and sometimes even offensively so. Which makes the news of a third one not the best news I've heard. But hey, you might disagree - clearly enough people do - and this one could be different. There's a trailer below.

The first Runaway can be summed up in one puzzle: you are required to make peanut butter. In order to do this, you must melt some peanuts. Right. And how do you melt peanuts? You leave them in the sun. And peanut butter is made.

The second one I found much more offensive. Ostensibly set around the notion of rescuing your kidnapped girlfriend (whom you can play as later in the game), within about half an hour of the love of your life being taken hostage you're having sex with a random waitress on the unknown island. This girl who simply cannot resist your witless advances then ten minutes later agrees to have sex with another guy at your request, in order to create a diversion. Oh, and you cut a key by using a magnifying glass and the ever-powerful sun, and fix a spark plug by using a knife on a chainsaw.

Maybe Twist Of Fate will take a new approach. Or maybe you think me a fool, and are delighted there's more of the same. Here's the teaser:

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