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Runescape Still Exists, Is Getting A Threequel

I never actually played much Runescape. Growing up, I was a snobby, Everquest-obsessed so-and-so. "Look at all these graphics," I'd say. "My Iksar warrior is made up of so many polygons that you practically can't count them but still kinda can." I did have a few friends who swore by the lo-fi MMO, though, and it's not hard to see why. Back then, free, easily runnable portals to lands beyond our wildest imaginations were hard to come by. Runescape, then, holds a very special place in many hearts, and for that reason it will never dieeeee. And so, we arrive at Runescape 3. Yes, there was a Runescape 2.  Find out what warrants the curvy, alluringly sensual new digit after the break.

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HTML 5! Take that, young me. And also, those jeans look awful, your hair is dumb, and you call that music? Ugh. Anyway. Runescape 3 brings the world into the Sixth Age, which means "massive changes" that all players will apparently have a chance at shaping. So say some incredibly enthusiastic men:

“The world is on a precipice, massive change is coming to the game world and the players will be at the forefront of that choice, leading the charge into the future."

Which is... fairly vague. But there are other things too. Gameplay wise, interface is getting the biggest overhaul, granting players the ability to "tear and share" different elements to form some kind of mighty, lumbering Franken-UI. Meanwhile, audio's also getting a boost, and there'll be a new website to tie the whole thing together.

Runescape 3 will apparently fall right on top of Runescape 2 - presumably crushing it flat as whatever variety of pancake often serves as a landing pad for entire kingdoms - so no new characters or accounts will be required. Which, admittedly, makes it sound like a cosmetic change first and foremost, but who knows? Maybe the Sixth Age will turn the whole world upside-down and fling its landing pancake into the sun.

Runescape 3 will launch this summer. And now, the inevitable concluding question: Do any of you still play Runescape? Frequently, even? If so, why?

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