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Rusty Lake continues with The White Door, out now

Help a man recover his memories through his dreams.

The Rusty Lake series continued yesterday with the launch of The White Door. The new adventure game puts you in the shoes of Robert Hill, a man who wakes up in a mental health facility having lost his memory, and it's up to you to recover it through his dreams.

This one is a bit different from previous Rusty Lake games, with a new split-screen perspective to illustrate the game's mysterious puzzles, as well as a focus on a more personal story.

"It was a big challenge for us to change the gameplay and puzzle mechanics we used to know, and also trying to create the most narrative based game we made so far," the creators say.

"But after a year of hard work we can say that we are extremely proud we achieved this and that we can make something out of the ordinary, while retaining the Rusty Lake touch."

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There are 13 games set in the Rusty Lake universe now (including this new one), and an awful lot of them are free on PC and mobile. John Walker reviewed Rusty Lake Paradise back in 2018, and gives an excellent overview of what to expect from the games:

"Think, shadowy creatures, cult-like men in animal heads, gruesome cartoon murders, and shimmering white squares of impending doom. Playing through them will entirely pull you into their unsettling world, and quickly have you forking out the couple of quid the longer games cost."

You can get The White Door on Steam right now with a cheeky 15% off until the 16th January for £2.45/€2.79/$3.39. It's also available on Itch.io, as well as Apple and Android devices.

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