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Salad Fingers: Where's May Gone? (Where's Firth Gone?)

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Salad Fingers is a phrase that either makes you shudder, or leaves a blank look on your face. There's no room for knowledge + complacency. It was bloody creepy. First appearing as a Flash cartoon in 2004, it ran for ten sleep-disturbing episodes over the following ten years. And now, troublingly and perhaps intriguingly, there's to be a game. Although, of some concern, creator David Firth isn't involved. The first glimpse is below.

If you never saw Salad Fingers - unsettling cartoons about a green-faced guy with salad for fingers - then all ten episodes can be watched in a row right here:

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I remember first encountering it on Weebl's Stuff, a deeply stark and unexpected change of mood from the site's usual chirpy songs about tigers and badgers. "I like it when the red water comes out," is not a sentence that belonged there. So yes, the news that there's to be an episodic game based on it is... welcome? The news that it's not involving Firth is a lot less so.

It's to be a three-part point-n-click adventure, in which you'll play a guy captured by Salad Fingers, escaping and attempting to recover your missing daughter May. Along the way, you will apparently see events from the cartoons from a different perspective, with clues for what to do found in the original cartoons.

Watch on YouTube

The lack of Firth's direct involvement does come with the rather enormous concern that it won't feature his voice work. The silence on the trailer doesn't bode too well there. It's on Greenlight, so you can show your interest, with the first episode due next month.

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