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Salute! America's Army: Proving Grounds On Steam

I'm fairly glad the America's Army series exists. Before it existed, I had to ask my dad about army life, and if there's one thing I've learned if I want to sleep at night it's to not ask my dad about what he did in the army. To be honest, that also applies to his life in Glasgow before the army. And after. And yesterday. So instead I've had to find another route into the khaki trousers, and that's where the mightily pro-Army series comes in. America's Army: Proving Grounds, a new game focusing on 'small unit tactics' has just launched its beta on Steam. Have a proper gander at the trailer below.

It's a multiplayer shooter, with small unit assaults of 6 vs 6 and up to 12 vs 12, with normal and hardcore modes. Hardcore is where you take everything you've gone through, the head shaving, the shouting, the psychological torture of trying to get friends to play a game on Steam at the same time, and apply it. The rewards here aren't killstreaks or unlocks, but the warm glow of a team making objectives together. It's free, so if I'm not dragged out to anything 'cultural' this weekend, I'll probably play it for an hour.

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My strongest memory of America's Army was my character sitting at a desk filling in an test. I had to pass it before being allowed into the full game. There are quite a few games I'd like to implement that for.

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