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Sam & Max To Enter The Devil's Playhouse

Telltale has announced a third season of their popular Sam & Max episodic adventures. It's called The Devil's Playhouse, and from the trailer (below) appears to imbue the dog and rabbit heroes with psychic powers. Once again there's to be five monthly episodes, the first due to appear on the 15th April.

You'll note I did that "their popular... adventures" thing above. It's my conciliatory way of acknowledging that lots of people enjoy them, even though I've found both previous series to be average at best. Their Strong Bad games? Now there they nailed it. But I think it's very fair to say that the episodic adventure has been a consistent learning curve for the team, starting with the extremely dull Bone, and building up to the far more successful Strong Bad and Monkey Island games. There's every reason for a miserable old git like me to look forward to this new collection of S&M adventures, and the trailer contains a few gags I enjoyed. Woo! It's all about what I want! Talking of which, here it is:

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So hopefully by this point they will acknowledge that PC gamers do not need their Sam & Max games to come in under 100MB, and therefore give us audio that doesn't sound like it was recorded on jelly. Although it does look as though the characters will still look like shiny 3D renders, rather than either cartoons or furry creatures. I'd love it if it were one or the other. Wah wah, someone call me a wahmbulance. It's looking good, isn't it?

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