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Samurai Warriors 5 has popped up on Steam

And it’s barrelling towards a July release date

A lot can happen in six years (I’d list stuff that has happened, but I don’t want to start crying), but one of the things that didn’t happen was any sort of follow-up to Samurai Warriors 4-II. The 2015 action adventure game, where a single sword swing can take down a sizable chunk of an army and a kick is basically a mini nuke, has been begging for a proper successor for a while now. And hark at what’s coming our way, bashing lines and lines of NPCs into the air and screaming! It’s Samurai Warriors 5.

Everything in the Samurai Warriors series is as stylised and dramatic as a cat that’s spotted its own reflection. The puffed up action of the Sengoku period piece will throw you into a slashy fighting game that's almost exclusively combos and special moves. If you needed further proof, check out its natty theme song trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoSAMURAI WARRIORS 5 - Theme Song Trailer (EXILE: One Nation)

There are 27 characters to play with in Samurai Warrios 5, and an additional ten supports who aren’t quite as nimble as the main stars, though I still wouldn’t piss them off. They’re too pretty to look angry, anyway. The likes of Nobunaga Oda and Yoshimoto Imagawa return to fight, too, but with such a swollen cast, a few new faces pop up too.

Here’s some recent gameplay footage. By the end, I expect you’ll immediately know if it's your sort of thing or not. There's no sitting on the fence when it comes to a game that lets one player overpower 1000 enemies.

Cover image for YouTube videoSamurai Warriors 5 - Gameplay Demo [HD 1080P]

And just like that, it’s nearly here. Samurai Warriors 5 is scheduled to release on July 27th 2021 over on Steam.

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