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Say hello to Felisha and Paolo, our first official comments moderators

Comment with a comment

Reader comments have always been an incredibly important part of RPS, but sifting through them all often fell to the RPS staff. Since we were only looking at them during work hours, we'd often be slow to respond, and sometimes miss out on discussions entirely. The good news is that we've now got proper official comments moderators to help keep the conversation going, both between yourselves and between you and the wider RPS team. So please give a warm welcome to Felisha Dela Cruz and Paolo Balmes.

Felisha and Paolo are part of our parent company RELX's marketing department that's based in Manila, and they've been moderating comments on RPS as well as our sister sites Eurogamer, VG247 and Dicebreaker for several months now. Until recently, they've been working away silently behind the scenes, but now they'll be taking a more active role in the wider RPS community, replying to your excellent comments and chatting with you to help generate discussion. They also do a fantastic job of letting us know about any queries or questions you might have, which helps us address problems faster and get you the answers you need.

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You've probably seen them about already. Felisha goes by Eyeof5elene, while Paolo goes by tribalchief. They also have pink 'Staff' tags next to their names, just like the rest of the RPS team.

But enough from me. Here's Felisha and Paolo in their own words:

Felisha: "Okay, so a little bit about myself. I'm very much into puzzle, simulation and management games. I'd like to announce though that watering your plants everyday like in Stardew Valley will not yield the same results to your real-life plants! I learned that the hard way. And much like Rebecca and Alice Bee - I'm also a cult member of The Sims franchise. I have logged thousands of hours on that thing more than I'd like to admit.

"Outside of gaming, I love watching food & travel documentaries and cooking reality shows. I love to go on gastro trips and hope to be able to do that again soon! For now, I try to recreate the breads and cakes they do in Great British Bake Off - it is apparently very difficult to not over proof your breads here."

Paolo: "My favourite type of games are grand strategy, 4X games and fighting games, and I'm also very into tabletop games and Warhammer in general. I'm also big into anime and manga, and I also like pro wrestling, football, basketball and weightlifting and mixed martial arts.

"I'm also a big history buff and listen to a lot of heavy metal music, but my favourite thing is hanging out with my dog Millie while drinking strawberry milk. The colour pink is the best."

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