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Scarf is a Journey-like puzzle platformer with a magic dragon scarf

I wonder if it has a matching hat and gloves

Do you ever see something in a game and think, "Man, I wish that was real"? And I don't mean magic or spaceships because obviously those are great, but a specific item that would just be so cool to have. I want the scarf from Scarf, an upcoming puzzle platformer about a little blue dude trying to get home. This character has a firey red scarf that does dragon things! When you double jump, it turns into little dragon wings! 10/10 winter wear.

Scarf is the debut game from Spanish developers Uprising Studios. Parts of it remind me of Journey, except instead of just vast deserts, you get to explore underwater zones and lush green areas too.

Cover image for YouTube videoScarf // 2021 Showcase

Right, so back to the dragon scarf. Sometimes, it turns into a wiggly dragon to show you the way, and also you can pet it. Then when you get more abilities, the scarf will do more cute dragon-y things! An absolute delight.

The plot of the game is that some naughty souls have stolen the key to your home, and are using magic to create worlds you need to puzzle your way through. There's no combat, just adventure and exploration. While some puzzles involve your neckwear, others involve finding big pretty orbs that change the environment around you.

One of these orbs is able to part water, so when you pick it up you can go wandering through the sea, watching it move around you as you go. It's very nice-looking water too, the kind that really makes you wanna go for a swim.

Scarf is set to release sometime this year. Uprising Studios said they're at the "bug-squashing phase" of development, so hopefully it's not too far away.

You can find out more about Scarf on its Steam page, or by watching the Indie's Paradise stream on Twitch at 6pm BST (7pm CEST) tomorrow.

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