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Scourgebringer slashes and dashes out of early access next month

Jump n' stab!

Oh, we didn't forget about you, Scourgebringer. After seven months of hacking and slashing and gravity-defying leaps in the bowels of an otherworldly labyrinth, Khyra is aiming her sword straight at an October release date. This week's new trailer may claim "the ordeal is coming to an end", but I reckon the bloodshed is just waiting to be cranked into full gear.

A game so slick Graham called it "your next roguelite crush", Scourgebringer is tearing a hole out of early access on October 21st.

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I briefly got very, very into Scourgebringer, and have been waiting for it to bulk up with more levels and baddies since that initial release. While it's been described as being a bit Celeste, it really rewards you for touching the floor and walls as little as possible - embodying raw fury as a white-haired death orb leaping from hapless bug to killer robot while metal riffs shred in the background. I've been waiting for something to hit that Nuclear Throne nerve for some time, and damn, did Flying Oak find it.

Where it entered early access with a mere three biomes, Scourgebringer leaves with a complete six - including a not-so-secret "secret" level called The Beyond. They'll all come with their own monsters, bosses and items to play around with, sure, but more than anything they'll provide more backdrops to the absolutely sublime air-dashes, sword-slashes and shotgun blasts of Scourgebringer's core loop.

Scourgebringer is currently available on Steam for £11.39/€14.99/$14.99, and will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch. Flying Oak previously reckoned it'd double in price with a 1.0 release - it hasn't gone up yet, but keep an eye out for that.

Correction: This post previously reported that ScourgeBringer would hit in September, not October. My bad.

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