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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: cat combat, assorted adventurers, and flavourful fish

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day to appreciate games that don’t yet exist, and may change utterly before they are released, and yet are already lovely to gawp at. This week: some early Halloween goodness, a rag-tag adventuring party, and a lovely bit of cooking.

‘Tis the season, always, for Halloween. I don’t know why that is, but I’ve surrendered to it as fact, and so here’s a seasonally appropriate look at Bound By Blades, featuring this cheery pumpkin foe.

According to its Steam page, this single- or multiplayer action RPG is planning a crowdfunding campaign soon. And as you can see from the header image (and the gif in the Tweet of course, but that’s small and you’d be forgiven for getting distracted by our gourdish enemy), it features kitties. This one appears to be bobbing for potions, a suitably Halloween-y activity. You’ll also be able to gather up natural resources from threes and such, as well as defeated enemies, to better fortify yourself for future fights. And there’s pets to help too! Hopefully no cats. That would be weird.

Elsewhere in cute animals, this art from Keyhole features a very small, very sweet pony.

Keyhole seems slightly difficult to explain, so I’ll let its website speak for itself.

“Keyhole is a timeline exploration game where the player's actions affect the future of the planet and its inhabitants, and every decision can—and often must—be undone to discover new timelines, new characters, and new stories.

Thirteen ages, from Agricultural to Medieval to Utopian, host a variety of characters and overlapping situations, all under the shadow of two ominous mountains with a secret trapped inside.”

In practice, it looks like that plays out by speaking to various characters from throughout the world’s history, gathering items from one time and leaving them where they may come in useful. Say an explorer finds a hatchet in the woods, but then falls and breaks her arm so that she can’t use it. Using your time travelling powers, you can just give it to her before she ever goes into the forest, avoiding her trip up. Handy!

You’ll also be able to cook up handy help in action-adventure game Rune Fencer Illyia, thanks to this beautiful shrine kitchen.

Per its website, Rune Fencer Illyia features the titular Illyia searching for her sister after an airship crash leaves them stranded in an unfamiliar world. Luckily, she’s got the also titular runes to help her. Gravity and Space sigils will allow her to traverse obstacles; Energy sigils will send objects flying off wherever she pleases; and my personal favourite, the Time sigil, will pause time, allowing her to cheerily hop over any enemy and leave them behind.

For more snippets of in development games, you can take a peek into the Twitter tag yourself.

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