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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Comforting caves, peculiar planes, and bubbling baths

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshot Saturday! A day for game developers to give us all a look at what they’re working on. And considering the time of year, a surprisingly unspooky one, but we’ll do our best to find scares where we can get them. This week: somewhere to hide from the rain, a mysterious plane crash, and a nice dip in the hot springs.

Caves are at least Halloween-adjacent, what with the gloom and the bats, although this one from Skies Of The Past looks friendly enough.

It’s a nice place to get out of the rain at least, which may come in handy as you’re exploring the game’s “lost world.” There’s no release date yet, but its website has some curiosities like a hot air balloon ride through the fog and a big stone man that I like a lot.

The mystery of a grounded plane can certainly also be spooky, like in Broken Roads.

Per their website, Broken Roads is a post-apocalyptic, isometric RPG, so there’s bound to be more creepy things out there in the wilderness, too. Especially since it’s set in Australia. It’s not scheduled to release until 2021, but time moves frighteningly quickly, so that’ll come around soon enough.

Finally, I refuse to make this one Halloween-y. Let’s all imagine it’s summer again instead, thanks to Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. I suppose I could stand a natural hot spa in this cold weather, but imagine if it was also sunny:

You can probably imagine what sort of game Fantasy Farming is but there’s more info on its website, including the fact that there are multiple towns with different characters to meet in them. That seems like a neat way to branch out from the isolated communities of a Stardew Valley or similar. And it’s actually out in early access on Steam, so you could go exploring (and bathing) already, if you like.

Bonus this week is from two weeks ago because I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before and I want to swim my eyeballs in it forever. There’s more of this “survival metroidvania,” Lightyears From Home, at their website. And by more, I mean more screenshots that are so pretty I want to marry them. (Scroll down the homepage.)

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