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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Road trips, terrible towers, and bloody awful birds

Screenshot Saturday!

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! Time for dress up smart for another trip down to Twitter's game dev galleries, where hobbyists and professionals alike are displaying their proudest works-in-progress. This week: a Serbian road trip, post-apocalyptic rodents, a hungering monochrome wasteland and birds. Bloody, awful birds.

Let's start the day with an unconventional breakfast from David Szymanski, creator of bloody 90s-inspired shooter Dusk.

I loved Dusk's crunchy, Quake-inspired stylings. But Rats for Breakfast has a look all its own - equally minimal, but stark. A high-contrast clash of bold colours against darkness, striking shadows, and an almost Obra Dinn look to its dithering. Rats for Breakfast is currently up for wishlisting on Steam, promising a slow-burn horror story in the last tower standing at the end of the world.

Next up, we've got Yugo Trip - a Serbian road trip from the developer of (among other things) Throw Brick Cubes At Towers To Collapse Them, Ivan "Nothke" Notaros.

I've been keeping my eye on Yugo Trip for a while, watching Notaros craft delightful little vans, trams and automobiles. I'm not yet sure what the actual game is, but I'm not sure it really even needs much direction. I'm more than happy to just potter around a quaint world in a stylish lil' motor.

Notaros is generally great at creating digital vehicles, and I'm a little sad I won't get to check out his planned Thought of Train exhibit - which would've had visitors stop and stare out of a virtual locomotive window - at AMaze this year.

As anyone who's spent any time by the sea will know, those bastardin' gulls are never up to any good.

Dizzying climb-em-up Peaks of Yore already looks deeply vertigo-inducing, in all the best ways. It's fantastically dizzying, rendered in a crinkled greyscale lens that Anders notes is a homage to turn-of-the-century mountaineering photos in a TIGSource post. As a one-time Dundonian, I'm glad to see natures worst birds get the horror creature treatment they deserve.

It's been a rocky week, hasn't it? Here, as Sunday draws to a close, wouldn't it be nice to leave things off with something warm and comforting to bring up everyone's spirits?

Anyway, here's Velum Children.

Developer Yames notes his latest horror flick is about "fatherhood, but also America, but also mythic creation stories". In the same tweet, the land opens a great maw as a hypothetical player acquires one (1) new son - presumably, the son that this week found themselves "in bondage".

I won't ask.

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