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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: She dreams of timeless deserts, and orcs

Zug zug

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! And really, shouldn't you all be sending me cool videogame snaps on this, my birthday weekend? Generous soul that I am, I'll let this slip and continue with our regularly scheduled line-up of jpegs, gifs and cheeky little mp4s. This week: pistol-whipping orcs, awkward texts, dreamlike deserts and the interminable stillness of time.

First up - what, you really expect me to answer text messages? Wow, we really don't know each other.

She Dreams Elsewhere is phenomenally stylish - and, if Sin's gushing preview back in June is anything to go by, kind of extremely relatable, a game about having an anxiety attack at a party so hard you fall into a nightmarish JRPG dreamscape. Monochrome portraits across a burning neon pink and blue backdrop is also one hell of a look, too. If you fancy more, there's a demo to try over on Steam ahead of next year's launch

Next up is an oldie, but I'll let it pass considering I'd not heard of Colorfiction's stunning Sands Of Voltark 'til now.

I love Colorfiction's spaces, be they becalm's shimmering boat trip or a low-resolution horror barnyard - which was why I was sorta shocked to have missed this wonderfully hazy desert. While we didn't have a tag for it 'til now, Jupiter Hadley picked up Voltark back in her free games column in 2018. It's still free, and it's still worth checking out two years later.

Our next entry pretty succinctly sums up the past year, I reckon - one that's managed to feel like it's lasted two decades and fifteen minutes simultaneously.

A stylish, heartfelt game about returning to your childhood home before it's sold off for good, Forgotten Fields is just the sort of melancholy vibe I'm looking for right now. This week's post breaks from the game's more sunny, real-world segments to indulge in a hazy storybook, with ol' Solaire Of Astora over here telling us all about how time and space is messed up right now. Yeah, we get it, 2020 was weird.

Set to release on new year's eve, you can download a short demo of Forgotten Fields right now over on Steam.

Finally, the Warcraft x Doom crossover nobody asked for looks hot as hell.

Okay, so I'm sure this is more of an animation / UI test than any kind of playable prototype, but I'm desperately hoping it becomes so. Blood and thunder and rip and tear, until it is done.

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