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Seabed Prelude is a music VR game set beneath the waves

Immersive music

On the list of things I will enjoy in a game trailer a fiddle rendition of "What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor" as a bathyscaphe trundles along an underwater stave turns out to be pretty high on the list. Well played, Seabed Prelude [official site]!

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"Seabed Prelude is a VR music game in which you will become the captain of a bathyscaphe. Your mission is to clear the ancient tracks between underwater cities using a mighty weapon: [a] powerful pipe organ."

As you might expect from that description it looks like there will be a story campaign of some description, and some kind of note-reading element as you go - I'm assuming it's a similar sort of thing to Rock Band and the like - pressing keys as you pass over that note.

The screenshots from in the game seen rather different from the trailer (the trailer seems quite muted, while the screenshot at the top is like something you'd see in The Hoobs) so I have no real feel for what the experience would actually be like but the idea of an underwater music game in VR has at least ticked me!

There's not a lot more info than that at the moment other than a feature list and that says things like "Feel like a true post-apocalyptic bathyscaphe captain" which... I mean, I don't think I know anyone qualified to assess the accuracy of that one. I also always like it when people describe underwater games as immersive. Language nerd, I guess!

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