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Second Round: 7 Day FPS 2013

Alec rather impressively covered all the incredibly complicated concepts that went into the 7 Day FPS gamejam last year, but by way of recalibrating your imaginations let me lay down the basics: Developers from all around the world will digitally gather to create original first-person shooters in seven days. That's it. Of course, you only have to look at what happened with those guidelines last time to see what we might be in for this time.

Info on the new 7 Hour (blimey) FPS mini-challenge and general details once you've blown through the barricade.

There's a shard of wood in your hair. No, other side. There you go.

Okay! The show kicks off on August 10th, running predictably through August 17th and signups have already started. Even with a week to go their forum and twitter hashtag are lighting up with chat and ideas on what to build and how to do it. Excitingly, Quake clones look to be a popular design choice, the arena shooter sub-genre having rather fallen out of big-budget favour as of late.

Meanwhile, starting literally tomorrow is the equally self-descriptive 7 Hour FPS jam. Designed as a sort of warm-up to the main event, it's a chance for participants to show off what their skills can do in a really limited period, along with stress testing the website before the big week. I'm pretty intrigued to see what comes out of this constrained environment as it will make the short blasts of genius all the brighter.

Once it's over, we'll do a round up of all the best efforts and you can check out what Nathan loved last year here and here.

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