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Seer players bullied me in Apex Legends and I'm not best pleased

I've been scarred by a bajillion microdrones

This week, Apex Legends' latest season Emergence landed, bringing with it the fashionable new tracker, Seer. He's a really cool character too! His kit revolves around firing out microdrones to figure out where enemies are, which, obviously, is very useful when he's on your team. However, given that he's very new and exciting and everyone wants to play him, he's on every team. There is no hiding in Apex anymore. There's not a single place you can go where Seer can't whoosh his lil' nanobots at you. No escape.

Last night, I learned this the hard way when multiple enemy Seers trapped me and pals in a building for what felt like years.

So there we were, me and my squad flitting around World's Edge off the back of a win. We didn't have a Seer on our team, because my friend who unlocked him decided to play a match as Bloodhound instead to compare their tracking abilities. This was our first mistake.

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Fast forward to late game, and were well-kitted out with decent guns and armour, down to just three squads left. We'd taken every precaution not to get third-partied too, purposely rerouting ourselves so we didn't get caught between our final foes. Our second mistake involved us holing up in a building in the safe zone. As far as we were aware, no one had seen us sneak into it, and we planned on waiting things out until we heard the other two squads engaging each other. Except, that didn't happen.

You see, one enemy team was squirreled away under a rock formation to our left, while the other squad had taken up residence on top of a building to our right to get the high ground on them. Despite our best efforts, we were stuck in the middle. And it would've been fine, had both teams not had the absolute bully that is Seer.

Left Team used Seer's tactical ability, which blasts the aforementioned microdrones out in a cylinder-like shape, revealing the exact location and health bars of the enemies caught in it, as well as damaging and stunning them slightly. Of course, they did not find Right Team. Oh no, they found us.

Right Team, upon seeing Left Team use this ability, did the same with their Seer. And yet again, they did not find the players they were looking for, they found three idiots trapped in a tiny building with literally no way out.

And you'd think it would end there, right? Surely one of these teams would push up on us, fill our chamber of idiocy with grenades and be done with it. Nope. These two teams proceeded to take it in turns blasting us with Seer's drones until the final ring started herding them together.

We couldn't move for what felt like an eternity. The second we popped our heads out of the door we'd be riddled with bullets, then have to dive back in to heal. But because Seer's ability stuns you briefly and stops you from healing, it almost became a minigame to try and dodge the damn drones. We'd wait for one to come in, then have a split second to jump to a corner of the room where we wouldn't get hit. It was like a really shit version of that gameshow Hole In The Wall.

While I couldn't get any footage of this, I did spot this Reddit post of someone suffering a similar fate to multiple enemy Seers. Imagine this, but for like five minutes straight:

Needless to say, after all that bullying, we lost that match. The final zone was not in our favour, and we were murderised by both teams as we started to run to safety.

Despite all this, I still think Seer is a pretty good character. As with most new things in games like this, he feels really strong right now, but I reckon it's mostly because folks (folks are me) aren't used to him yet... Having said that, perhaps his cooldowns or damage could be tweaked a tiny bit, you know. I've never been bullied so hard in Apex.

If you're jumping into Apex's new season, it's worth taking a look at our Apex Legends Seer guide for some tips and tricks. My personal tip and trick is to make sure you have a Seer in your own team for the next couple weeks, then at least you can bully people back.

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