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Sex Hells: Polymorphous Perversity

Brazilian indie developer and professional psychotherapist Nicolau Chaud is fast becoming a favourite of RPS. And why not? The man pushes at boundaries like a mean cat in a small shoebox. He first came to our attention with Marvel Brothel, and his next game, a short story of torture and sadism entitled Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer, got Kieron so excited that he came out of retirement to do an exhaustive review.

This week, freelance journo Jordan Rivas has taken a look at Chaud's upcoming game, Polymorphous Perversity. You can read the full blog post here, or examine my digest of the sexy Brazilian's next big release after the jump. Urgh, I just succeeded in grossing myself out.

Not to be confused with Marvel Brothel and Dungeoneer, which were both games that featured sex and love, Polymorphous Perversity is a game about sex. It's also a game that appears to lean more heavily on Chaud's training as a psychotherapist.

"Polymorphous perversity" is, apparently, a concept coined by Freud, and refers to his theory that children don't discriminate when it comes to deciding what body parts to use for sexual gratification, a habit they're quickly educated out of and forget. The game itself tells the story of a "a young male with an unknown sexual disorder captured by some mysterious agency and thrown into a bizarre parallel reality where everything gravitates towards sex". As a player, you'll be exploring this world and learning "about all dimensions of human's libido, every way in which a person can obtain sexual satisfaction, fetishes, paraphilias and perversions". Which is nice, as it should help me understand Alec a little more.

There will also be a Horny Meter, shown in the top left as an elastic cock. "Many things make you horny," explains Chaud. "If the meter grows too high, you die." Which sounds familiar. Fortunately you'll be able to reduce the monstrous length of your Horny Meter by having sex. Which again, sounds familiar.

On the off chance that you need any more persuading that you should probably play this when it comes out, Chaud says the game will "respond" to your performance and sexual preferences, and will allow the player to learn about their own sexuality. If that's true, I kind of dread the future RPS comments thread to come out of this. No pun intended.

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