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Shambling Onto Kickstarter: Undead Overlord

Bring out your undead.

Zombie games are self-cannibalising. Take Undead Overlord. It's a strategy game where you control the zombie hordes and not the humans. You drag and drop the undead, creating more and more brain-chewers as you burn through the population. The developers JumpCore are so excited that their Kickstarter says: "Undead Overlord is born of a passion to see something different exhumed from the zombie games space. So in the tradition of games like Dungeon Keeper, we've turned the genre on its head, and put the player in charge of the zombie horde." Perhaps someone should show them Ray's The Dead?

That was snarky of me. Undead Overlord is more of traditional RTS game to Ray's The Dead's action puzzler, so the similarities (I won't mention Stubbs The Zombie) are basic, but they are there: you are a flying brain (always evil) controlling an ever-growing gathering of undead minions, using both normal, everyday scalp-chompers with the occasional special unit tossed in. Your enemy humans will become part of your shambling gathering, so it makes sense to be aggressive and take on the population, as it both bumps your numbers and creates fear among the rest of the resistance. You are basically the apocalypse.

So sell it to us, Mr Developer Man:

Anyone in?

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