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FRPG Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom launches

An un-J RPG

French indie JRPG-looking Kickstarter project (phew!) Shiness [official site] is now out and has a launch trailer to prove it. The name relates to this particular game's version of a linking spiritual/life-giving energy called Shi, which I assume is a reference to qi.

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"One day we have to face up to who we are and when that day comes I hope you will forgive me" breathes the voiceover. I paused the trailer at that point. I mean, if you've done something that terrible and you're asking for my forgiveness already maybe I don't want to hang out with you.


Okay, so having finished watching the trailer there's a touch of possible necromancy, a furious man-spider, lectures about courage and so forth. Also the breathy lady asks "Is that you my son?" at the end and given she isn't talking to me I assume she is the ghost mum that the fox/bear guy is trying to resurrect.


In case that was unhelpful here is the official blurb:

"Shiness is an action-RPG that takes you on a journey across a universe on the verge of collapse. After a crash-landing on a hostile island, you find yourself in a conflict spanning multiple kingdoms. Face off against dangerous enemies in hyper-dynamic fights, mixing magic with traditional fighting game mechanics. Gain experience to evolve your characters, learning new skills and spells."

AND 2 minutes of further explanation here:

Watch on YouTube

Which is more or less what I said.

Shiness is out now costing £24.99/29,99€/$29.99 on personal computer.

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